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Delivery revolutionised (coming soon)

With BigDish’ delivery- and pickup system you can easily manage your availability. You can also add deals to specific times (as high or as low as you want), take prepayment (coming soon) and are able to promote Daily Deals or special tasting menus (coming soon).

We offer you the ultimate freedom in managing your delivery and pickup

BigDish offers a reimagined reservation system that helps restaurants maximise their profitability. We pride ourselves on the flexibility en versatility of our product.


  • Receive orders through the BigDish app and website, which has already served 100s of thousands of diners
  • Receive orders through your own website (coming soon)
  • Have diners pre-order so you can easily manage demand
  • Adjust availability easily 
  • Add deals to specific time slots: 241 or a discount, the choice is yours
  • Receive payments on the same day. No more need to wait for weeks or even a month 
  • No cover charge!

Upload your menu via our incredible easy to use partner platform

Easily upload and adjust your delivery- and pickup menu at any time, in real-time. 

Pay as you go with straightforward, scalable pricing

Our delivery- and pickup module is available for £50 per branch per month. But to help restaurants whether the covid-19 pandemic, we offer our product 100% free up until December 2020. You can join worry-free: no payment details required!