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Reservations, Delivery and Pick-up all in one place!

Restaurant tech does not have to be expensive or complicated. BigDish is the one stop shop, helping to increase reservations and orders, all in one place. We understand that restaurants want to be in the driving seat. With BigDish you’re the master of your own destiny and have full control of how the system works for you.

I’m looking to:

Drive incremental business

BigDish will connect you with new customers and send additional bookings through our unique, inventory management system that gives you complete control and customer insights. And because of the COVID-19 pandemic, our services will be 100% free for the remainder of 2020.

Amplify your own marketing channels….

BigDish offers you powerful white label solutions. Receive reservations or delivery orders directly through your own website.

(Coming soon) 

….While also getting listed on the BigDish app and website

We have to admit, aggregators do offer some benefits, such as exposure through their own platform. Well, BigDish offers this as well. We have our own app and website which has served 100s of thousands of diners. Join BigDish, and we’ll list you on our own platform, too. Our solution gives you the best of both worlds.